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What is threadsML?

threadsML is an idea for a standard bitcoin trading singapore way for applications to interchange threaded discussions with little or no data loss.

Why would you want to do that?

If you've ever needed to move a threaded discussion from one site to another, you know why. More exciting, threadsML would let users move discussions from email to IM to a discussion board to chat, etc.

It's XML-based, right?

Of course how to trade options in singapore . We are currently discussing the merits of RDF, RSS, RSS 2.0, etc.

How do I join?

There's nothing to join except a conversation. See the links at the left.

Contact info

There's no official leader of the group. Steve Yost was the initiator
of the idea. For comments on this website, send trading options in singapore

mail here.

last updated: 05.08.03